Ponte Vecchio - Firenze 2020

This week I had the opportunity to walk around Florence with my camera in the early morning.
The Ponte Vecchio show at first light of the day is absolutely extraordinary.

The peculiarity that immediately attracted my attention was the density difference between the silhouettes of people walking along Ponte Santa Trinità, seen from Ponte alla Carraia, compared to those present on Ponte Vecchio. This effect was due to the morning haze and was incredibly fascinating.
I equipped my Sony Alpha 7MKIII with the 70-200mm and I waited for the right sequence of people, bridges and arches, lights and shadows.
The right moment came when two people on the Ponte Santa Trinità stood facing each other ready for a kiss (you can see them to the three arches, on the right).

The Platinum Palladium fine art print

I lightly edited the black and white photography since it was already very interesting in terms of contrasts and lines.
After optimizing the negative in Photoshop, I printed the result on Ferrania acetate with my Epson R3000.

Florence on a Platinum Palladium print

Here is a small video on the print press of this photograph of Florence.