Ritratto d'autore con antiche tecniche fotografiche

Ambrotype – Author Portrait 2020

Autor Portraits

made with ancient photographic techniques

Ritratto d'autore con antiche tecniche fotografiche

Autor Portraits

made with ancient photographic techniques

Being portrayed with an ancient photographic technique is a bit like commissioning a painted portrait from a painter.
A photograph made with this technique is a work of art on glass and silver and is a “Unique Piece” like a painting. With some of them, like the Wet Plate Collodion, there are no negatives or matrices to replicate a print.
There is a little glass on which an instant of your essence is impressed forever.

A portrait at Collodio Umido is the fifth essence of photography itself and there is nothing more sincere and pure.

Being portrayed in this way is a radical style choice: I don’t go to the photographer asking for 1000 shots.
Rather, I go to an artist who will be able to interpret and tell you in his own way, using techniques known by very few photographers today.

Ritratto d'Autore al Platino e Palladio

Author Portrait of Cecilia e Francesco on Platinum and Palladium

Why a Portrait?

You may want a portrait to remember a particular moment in your life, a true friendship or your family.
A portrait is a caress to give, an original idea that will last over time. It is a way to make our image eternal.
It is no coincidence that the “Ambrotype” takes its name from the Greek word “ambrotos”, wich means immortal.

The author portraits created over time with ancient techniques are themselves witnesses of their expressive power and resistance over the centuries.
In fact, they have come down to us intact despite their over 150 years. A Platinum and Palladium print, for example, is virtually indestructible and unalterable over the centuries.

Nothing modern can last so long.

What you’ll find


Modernity and Antiquity at the same time. The choice of the original “Poe Boy” recipe is linked to this combination.


Ambrotype or Ferrotype? The delicacy of a photograph on glass or the determination of one on aluminum?


Platinotype = Perfection.
The fifth essence of a black and white portrait
on fine paper.


A perfect solution to move your first steps in the antique printing world!


One of the most immersive experiences ever made! It’s magic :).
It was a fantastic experience! A portrait like this is forever and I am thrilled to have been able to do it in such special moment!